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McGurk's Suicide Hall: The Bowery's Most Notorious Dive
The dance hall at 295 Bowery was a dive where criminal activity thrived alongside bawdy can-can dancers, endless pours of putrid booze, and eventually, suicide. What happened to the Bowery that such a despicable place could thrive — mere blocks from police headquarters? This is the history of a truly dark place and the forces of reform that managed to finally shut it down


Case 73: The Lady in the Barrel
In 1875, three boys discovered a buried barrel and inside there was a body of a woman. The discovery sparked an investigation like no other.


The Murders of Thomas and Ann Farrow
March 27, 1905- First British crime solved by using fingerprints.


Jolly Jane
After a childhood filled with abuse, poverty, and shame, Jane Toppan (born Horona Kelley), left her foster home and pursued nursing. To many, she seemed like a loving nurse who cared deeply for her patients. But for years, she used her nursing skills to experiment with medicines...and kill the people who trusted her the most.


Pimlico Poisoning Mystery
On January 1st 1886, Thoma Edwin Barlett was found dead in bed. Doctors discovered chloroform in his stomach and determined it was the cause of death. How did it get there? Did he drink it willingly? Did his wife give it to him? Did her lover? To this day, no one knows.


Wall Street Bombings
On September 16, 1920, an explosion went off at 23 Wall Street, killing 38 poeple and injuring hundreds more. But no one knew who set off the bomb, or why. We explore the political and financial turmoil that may have inspired the attack, and we look into the man who warned New Yorkers of the bombing before with uncanny detail.


The Thames Torso Murders
Join us this miniespisode as we extend our Jack the Ripper episodes past the official five Ripper victims to six mysterious headles torsos found around London between 1873 and 1889, pointing towards the possibilty of a second undefined serial killer apart from the Ripper.


Like a Page from a Book
In 1892, a gruesome murder took place in a small fishing village in Argentina. What happend next changed the way murders were investigated around the world.